Full Time
Led Reflexis UI/UX to their to their buyout by Zebra for $575M on July 2020.
Led brainstorming, design and development processes for Reflexis web and mobile applications with a focus on optimal user experience. (visit reflexisinc.com for a list of our major retail clients).

o UI/UX was a major factor in Reflexis being acquired by Zebra in July of 2020.
o UI/UX was mentioned as #3 of the top 5 takeaways at the NRF Big Show 2016.
o UI/UX was widely well recieved (Fig. 3) and organized our suite of products.

- Met with industry leaders to get an understanding of the end-user needs as well as utilized A/B testing and focus groups for feedback to deliver best products.
- Created and managed UI Style Guide documents for company-wide UI/UX consistency.
- Created and managed the UI Repository Website for company-wide UI/UX consistency. - Created the Application Downloads Site for easy customer Mobile application updates.
- Also helped the marketing team by creating high-quality graphics and videos.
Web Apps
Reflexis Workforce Manager Aug 2020
Mobile Apps
Reflexis Mobile Apps Aug 2020
Reflexis had over 100 big-name clients